It's time to get patriotic, Amurrica. Grab your sparklers, put on you star spangled bandana, and heat up the grill. This fourth, I will be working an event on the Prairie, so I won't need to bake anything. But, for those of you who will be hosting your own party, I present to you my printable fourth of july cupcake decorations. These work especially well for those, like me, who aren't good at cake decorating. They also work for store bought cupcakes too! 
The. pdf comes with directions. It is fairly simply, just cut out the flags and squares. Attach them to toothpicks with tape or glue. Finally, stick them into your sweet treat. 

The wrappers are easy to put together as well. Cut them out. You may have to cut down the wrapper to fit your cupcake. Wrap around your cupcake and secure with tape or glue.
What freebie would you like to see next? And, stay tuned for my etsy store. Its coming soon!!

Cupcake Decorations
File Size: 460 kb
File Type: pdf
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Cupcake Wrapper
File Size: 874 kb
File Type: pdf
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